Monday, 31 July 2017

Origami Dog


  1. Hi Sam. Well done for following the instructions and making the origami dog. How does the reader of your blog know what this post is about? You need to make sure you are explaining your tasks clearly.

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  3. Sorry that was a mistake.
    Hi Sam,
    My name is Reitu and I am a year 7 at Paihia School in Te Ngahere. I like you origami puppy. I like how you have put the instructions on your presentation. But you have to explain your tasks clearly.
    Why did you make an origami dog?
    Why did you choose an origami dog?

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  5. Hi Sam,
    Now I have seen two origami swans, and two origami dogs. There must be a reason why your class has been doing so much origami. Did you enjoy making your origami dog? I love the face you drew on yours.

  6. Hi Sam,
    My name is Lesane and i am a year 7 student at Paihia School. Your origami dog is very cool! Thank you for leaving the instructions so I maybe make soon. Thank you for posting this!


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