Friday, 2 November 2018


This week for writing we have been focusing around Halloween and writing horror stories/narratives.  A narrative has to have some really descriptive words and interesting characters that are put into an amazing scene. My horror story is called The Fire Pumpkin and it is nowhere near finished yet. This is my writing. 

A screech sounds from inside the creepy, haunted, abandoned house. I look at Matthew. He is shaking and looks very pale. Then his body crumbled right before my eyes. I check for a pulse and there is none. I see a knife sticking out of his back and I look behind me. The most scary thing I have ever seen is standing there. I run toward the only shelter I can find, the house. The thing follows me when I run inside and. Then I lock the door with a military-grade padlock and bury the key. I walk up the stairs and one of them shatters. I carefully avoid the broken step and make it to the top when I see the kids running. “AHHH!!!” the kids scream with a pale face and I see the thing from outside again I run, gasping with every breath. Until something happens that almost makes me drop dead, I see … a blood-sucking, pale, garlic-hating vampire. But not just any vampire, it speaks with a gravelly but recognisable voice

Friday, 26 October 2018

Macedonia - Country Study

This term we are doing a country study for topic and I am doing mine on Macedonia. Our's and T2's teachers found a random country generator and we got given a random country. If two people agreed on a swap then they could but they had to tell the teacher. I am making a slide to store all my information and then I will make something better. Here is my slide.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Tie Dye T-Shirts

Image result for crumple tie dye

Image result for black overlay tie dye
Image result for spiral tie dye
This week we have been finishing our t-shirts for the Art Soiree. I chose to do the spider design! To do this tie dye design look up "Spider Design" or "Black Overlay Tie Dye" Here is a link to the website where I learned a lot of tie dye techniques. Tie Dye. Most people in our class chose to do the spiral design or the crumple design. For the Art Soiree our school gets all the classes to submit a piece of art from every child. The artwork is named and and auctioned off to the highest bidder. But the artwork is not always sold on the night as a book is put in the office so the bids can continue. Some parents buy their kids artwork but not all.

Friday, 7 September 2018

Maths Week

This week was maths week for our school! This meant that our class run a lot of activities for every other class at school. For the 5 and 6 year old's we ran treasure hunts for every class where the kids had to find stations with maths problems and when they solved it they got a puzzle piece. Then when they have all the pieces they go back to class and the first team to solve the puzzle wins. For the older kids we did a competition in which the teams all got the same questions and the first team to finish wins. They also have the option to pass but when a question is  passed the teams can't come back to it.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Math Reflection Week 7

This week my group have been doing subtracting and multiplying positive and negative numbers. we have been doing equations like (+7)-(-8) and (-8)x(7). How you solve these is that you multiply the numbers in the brackets and then you do the rule if the numbers are a negative and a negative the answer will be positive and if a positive and a negative then answer will be a negative. Basically you do the same for subtraction and addition.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Maths Reflection

This week we had to make a blog post on something we learned in maths I decided to do mine on BEDMAS aka. BODMAS or BIDMAS. Here is a presentation involving a problem, what the letters stand for and some variations. 

Monday, 13 August 2018

Week 4 Workbook

This week our maths is on an online workbook/presentation. By the end of the week we need to have completed this workbook.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Love Myself

Last week we were focusing on self respect and we were making a presentation on self respect to show in whanau time today. Our key points were: Keeping uniform clean, Be organized, Keeping on task and respecting your schoolwork. we made a video on self respect. Here is the link to video. This is a video 
Image result for Self respect

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

🇳🇿🇳🇿Cause and effect🇳🇿🇳🇿

This week we have been focusing on writing arguments. Monday we did the scaffolding for an argument and today we looked at some cause and effect. Here is my scaffold   

and this is my cause and effect. 

Friday, 1 June 2018

T2W5 Workbook

This week we had to do some equivalent fractions work for our workbook. Here is mine I found it easy.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

T2W4 Workbook

This week for our workbook we had to do short division and I found it really easy